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“I don’t have any friends. I don’t need friends,” our neighbor Harvey told me the other day. “You don’t?” “No, I don’t need all that backstabbing,” he said. What had happened, I wondered, to so thoroughly break his trust in humanity?  And yet, he’s right in a way, in that people can be dangerous.  It’s […]

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Mary’s House

When the river rose, it caught us off-guard. I never knew how people in floods could get caught by flooding. How could they not know it was coming? Why wouldn’t they just leave their houses? Now, both of those questions seem different to me. I was planning to share this “Mary Story” with you this […]

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Holding the Heart

Re-posted from 2015 with minor edits, dedicated anew to all those brave enough to touch hearts.   I asked Dr. Halloran one day if I could scrub into a surgery so I could touch a beating heart.  An excellent teacher, he agreed. I washed my hands and arms at the scrub sink and put on gloves, […]

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The Purple Tube

“Keep your arm nice and straight like that,” the woman says. She is wearing a breast cancer awareness scrub. I am wearing pink too, a pink dress and a pink scarf. It’s snowing outside, a sudden squall of white all over Mishawaka and Elkhart.  Deep inside the large cancer center, we are in a closet-sized […]

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