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Only Cookies…

Yesterday afternoon I sent Marnell a confession in the form of an email.  I am…trying to decide if I have the energy or motivation to do much tonight, which might be directly related to the fact that so far today I’ve eaten only cookies… And by afternoon, I don’t mean 12:03 pm…it was 4:53 pm. To […]

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Holding the Heart

Re-posted from 2015 with minor edits, dedicated anew to all those brave enough to touch hearts.   I asked Dr. Halloran one day if I could scrub into a surgery so I could touch a beating heart.  An excellent teacher, he agreed. I washed my hands and arms at the scrub sink and put on gloves, […]

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Secretaries to Surgeons

I keep thinking of them, the moments when time seems to stand still… Breathing tubes that won’t go down the airway, as the airway grows tighter and tighter. Blood that will not clot but only bleed, bleed, bleed.  I have begun to look at the faces of the anesthesiologist, the surgeon, or the nurses in […]

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Anesthesia, and what we don’t know about Christ

It’s below zero and churches have closed and I’m home at my wooden kitchen table with a cup of fresh coffee, thinking about the inspirational article I just read from a favorite site. Remembering what God has done for you, the author said, is a spiritual discipline. We should view our salvation with the same […]

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