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Voices of Syria, TGS International, 2016.

Weep with the Syrian refugees, who only wish they could go home.

Faces of Syria, TGS International, 2015.

When Rosetta Byers and I created this photo and quote book in 2015, we thought the war would surely be over soon. We were wrong. See the faces of the Syrian refugees, and hear their first-hand memories. 

Children love Faces of Syria!

Inferno in the Lost Pines, TGS International, 2013.

On Labor Day 2011, citizens of Bastrop, Texas watch the wind anxiously. One spark will set the dry pine forest ablaze.

Shatterproof, TGS International, 2012

The tornado sirens scream, but everyone has heard them before. No one expects the destruction about to descend, or the faith that will stand amid the wreckage, shatterproof.

Blue Christmas, TGS International, 2011

The blue Haitian tent is filled with vomiting cholera patients. Will a nursing student from Indiana find Christmas here?

On the Winning Side, Christian Light Publications, 2010, e-book available.

A short fiction for VBS teachers, based on true accounts of battles between light and darkness.

My first book, released weeks before my mom’s passing in 2010.