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Shot on iPhone… 

Married off my last sibling today… A little break for baklava before the wedding… Fun times with my nieces and nephews and the little fun table Aunt Kristie made them… My siblings! So much beauty… ….and happiness… …and a little exhaustion. Congrats to Sheldon and Kristie! Good night! 

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The Slender Line

“Can you clean the floor by the locker rooms?” I heard a nurse ask the housekeeper. “There was blood on the bottom of someone’s shoe.” Red shoe prints on the floor… The housekeepers wipe the evidence away with their mops, but the reality of what the red footprints mean cannot be wiped from our minds: […]

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Remember the Summer!

“You know, they’re looking for someone to fill a position _____________,” June told me this summer as we talked about my job browsing. “I wonder if you applied for that position if you wouldn’t get it.” June (not her real name) knew what she was talking about, because she worked in a similar field to […]

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Time Out

Before every heart or lung surgery there are specific things that are supposed to happen to keep the patient safe.  In the pre-op area before the patient goes to sleep, the surgeon marks the correct side of the body with a marker.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hunted down a surgery marking […]

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Trading Places 

Pickle Lake is full of relaxing and peaceful places that are beautiful at twilight, that favorite time of day when the darkness and the light trade places.  On our long way home… 

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