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The Mysterious Man

December 15, 2018 I don’t remember even noticing the man the first few times I took my patient to the school, and if I did I certainly didn’t think him noteworthy. There were more visible people to notice. The school system has talented and beautiful staff who know just how to manage a classroom full […]

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December 8, 2018 “There’s no such thing as bad weather,” the Norwegians say, “only bad clothing.” (I read this in an article shared by my friend Sherilyn Yoder about The Secret to Enjoying Winter.) Besides having good clothes, the Norwegians, according to the article, focus on the positives of the long dark winter. They have a […]

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Reflections on 364 Days of Marriage

I’m REALLY glad we got married on the first Saturday in December  last year instead of this year.  If you don’t live in northern Indiana, you might not know about the weather today–the rain falling from a gray sky and the puddles forming in the leaf-crusted streets, waiting to splash up onto fine clothes and Christmas parades. “I suppose […]

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Thanksgiving: Blessings, and Sorrows Spared

November 24, 2018 A few days before Thanksgiving, a friend I had written about in Inferno in the Lost Pines lost her husband. Dean and Debra Pahlow met at an occult shop where Debra was a witch before coming to know and trust the goodness of the Lord. Their story through the fire that took […]

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Sundry Nessessaryes

November 17, 2018 “See, I’m reading by candle light, like they did in the 1700’s,” I told Marnell the other day. Marnell looked at the electric light falling onto my book from the ceiling and at the flickering candle flame on the book shelf. “You are by the candle,” he said. “That’s about it.”  Research […]

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