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So blessed to listen to the choir practicing for our wedding! Made me sentimental about the years I sang with them, and excited about our wedding. Just a snippet… Now a game of cards with Marnell’s parents… Good night!

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Days until wedding: 14 Blessings to count: Aunt Virginia helping me pick out white wedding poinsettias Bridesmaid Kendra bailing me out by making my salad for church tomorrow Friend Barb washing all my Tupperware and Pampered Chef shower gifts. New job taken in Beacon Home Care Co-workers who told me about Varner’s poinsettias. The Varner’s […]

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As I near the end of my career in heart surgery, for the time at least, it occurs to me that perhaps one reason God took me there is that He needed me to be in the ultimate pressure cooker, where I would be forced to grapple with sudden change. “You should really try to […]

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Will I write a blog today? Not really…  But, with 28 days of single life left on the calendar, a few photos with my favorite bridesmaids in Chicago, weekend currently in progress… First, a meal with the guys too… Then girls only in the Windy City…  …a bonus meal with my  personal attendant and food […]

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Torn Fabric

“What’s a funeral, Dad?” my 3-year-old nephew asked as he snuggled in my living room with his father and his twin brother shortly after getting out of bed. “Well, it’s…kind of like church,” my brother Scott began, trying to prep them for their task of sitting quietly. “But then you bury someone in a hole […]

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