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The Unsolved Mystery of Engine 6983

“Why don’t you go ask at the train yard?” my aunt suggests. We are at Steak and Shake with my grandma on Tuesday morning, drinking coffee, watching the two Amtrak trains barrel past from the east, sitting at the same booth where my grandma did with my grandpa almost every morning before he died last […]

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The Best Day!

With all the shuffle and bustle and floods and moving and garage sales, the memory of December 2 was a bit fuzzy.  Our nightly reading of our wedding cards, one by one, helps keep the memory alive.  But then we received these beautiful photos! Many thanks to MG3 Photography. It was the best day of […]

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The Tears and the Hollerin’

“Yes, he called me,” Mary told me over the phone. I was driving home from work. He being Marnell’s brother Darrell, a plumber. “I am so happy. I could not keep back the tears or the hollerin’,” Mary told me. That was Thursday. On Monday, Mary learned that the flood had destroyed both her hot […]

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A Little Green…

Suddenly, this week, I had a violent revulsion for winter. Maybe it was the culmination of floods and mud and the nearly continual hum of sump pumps. Maybe it was boxing and moving the final load from Marnell’s house. Maybe it was gaining another two and a half pounds. But it suddenly seemed unbearable to […]

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Two Olive Leaves

I never thought it would bring tears to my eyes to see an electric company truck driving down 5th Street.  (Usually the only reason to cry about the electric company is the bill.) But something went through me when I saw an actual vehicle with wheels -not a boat!- on the road. I was suddenly […]

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