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Pickle Lake Photos Updated

We finally made it home and the Pickle Lake blog is updated. (Apparently it didn’t like being posted in the north woods.) I’ve included the link below.  Thanks for your interest! Pickle Lake Blog

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Pickle Lake

We are praising God for a good week in the north! When we teach VBS in Pickle Lake, there are many things that remind me I am no longer in Elkhart. There are the mosquitos and black flies, dense clouds around the bodies, whirling and buzzing and biting ankles and hair lines and ears. There […]

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The Case of the Missing Conductor, Part Two

December 2, 2017– our wedding day. Mel, our photographer, was taking shots of us at the depot, when we heard the blast of a train horn. We had hoped a train would come and had seen one sitting down the track. Now we knew it was coming towards us. “Let’s go!” We hurried in our […]

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The Art of Serving Bad Food

The Art of Serving Bad Food

My grandmother (my mom’s mom) is an excellent host. She’s funny and friendly, plans ahead to make sure everyone feels welcome, and cooks great food.  Her weak point is how she handles food that doesn’t turn out to her expectations. “Next time, I’m going to make something good,” she will say, even while everyone enjoys […]

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The Art of Being a Bad Guest

The Art of Being a Bad Guest

I’ve been writing about hospitality lately, and it occurs to me that there is an art to being a good guest, too.   Receiving hospitality properly means arriving in good time, using proper manners, and possibly taking a hostess gift. Last night, we were supposed to arrive at the home of our pastor Collier and his […]

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