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Will I write a blog today? Not really…  But, with 28 days of single life left on the calendar, a few photos with my favorite bridesmaids in Chicago, weekend currently in progress… First, a meal with the guys too… Then girls only in the Windy City…  …a bonus meal with my  personal attendant and food […]

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Torn Fabric

“What’s a funeral, Dad?” my 3-year-old nephew asked as he snuggled in my living room with his father and his twin brother shortly after getting out of bed. “Well, it’s…kind of like church,” my brother Scott began, trying to prep them for their task of sitting quietly. “But then you bury someone in a hole […]

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Only Cookies…

Yesterday afternoon I sent Marnell a confession in the form of an email.  I am…trying to decide if I have the energy or motivation to do much tonight, which might be directly related to the fact that so far today I’ve eaten only cookies… And by afternoon, I don’t mean 12:03 pm…it was 4:53 pm. To […]

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Off Support 

I was thinking of the danger of being born even before I got the message from my sister last night. Last Sunday morning, I received messages that both of my sisters had babies overnight and were next door to each other at the hospital! I sympathized with the nurses, since my sisters married brothers who […]

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Version 40.0

“But why would you give me clues if you don’t want me to know?” Marnell asked me this morning at Granma’s House of Pancakes. “Well, I want it to be…suspicious,” I said. “No, not suspicious… I mean…” “It’s certainly suspicious,” he said. I was, laughing and trying to think of a better word, when the […]

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