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Holding the Heart

Re-posted from 2015 with minor edits, dedicated anew to all those brave enough to touch hearts.   I asked Dr. Halloran one day if I could scrub into a surgery so I could touch a beating heart.  An excellent teacher, he agreed. I washed my hands and arms at the scrub sink and put on gloves, […]

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God Doesn’t Give People Junk

I called my neighbor Mary this afternoon. “Mary, do you mind if I share your stories….? You know about the appliances? And the NIPSCO bill?” “I don’t mind,” she said. Really, she would say, the stories belong to God. A few years ago, during a cold winter month, my neighbor Mary asked God how she was […]

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A Hand on the Throne of the Lord! 

I kind of didn’t feel like praying this weekend. At least not intercessory prayer! I was angry and troubled, and my prayers, as I confessed to a friend, were boiling down to a less-than inspiring line: “Help! I have no idea what to do!”  Like the Word of God is known to do, a mystery […]

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The Virus of Anxiety

It was 4:30am.  I believe I was in the hospital parking garage, although I’m a little foggy on the details. That particular week, I was kind of foggy all week, to be honest. I wasn’t fully ill, but it seemed like I couldn’t quite conquer some lurking physical malady, which in turn was leaking into […]

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Dr. Abel

I am one of the 10,600 babies Dr. Abel delivered over his decades of medical practice. He was also my medical director for about a year when I worked at Miller’s Merry Manor in Wakarusa. A week ago after my cousin’s wedding, I was sifting through Facebook when I saw Dr. Abel’s obituary.  I knew […]

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