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The Other Side of the Propofol

November 10, 2018 I had another blog ready for today, but I am so filled with relief at having weathered my first surgery that I think I will document that.  Perhaps the reason I didn’t mention it before was the delicate nature of talking publicly about what is going on in an organ that only […]

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The Apples that are Going Extinct

After frying my brains on research all fall and throwing tomatoes into the freezer to be processed later, I’m happy to say we preserved some food.  Two bushels of fresh banana apple applesauce, to be exact. Marnell had long talked about the banana apples of his child. After scouring the Western Hemisphere (well almost) and […]

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A Message From 1874

Published October 27, 2018 It’s funny how practicing discipline can have unexpected good results. Thanks to Carolyn Kurtz, I joined a Facebook group where we set goals for ourselves each week and pay $.50 per failure if we do not do them.    This goals group, then, is the only reason that I went to […]

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The Last Harvest

October 13, 2018 I was standing by my kitchen window preparing cachupa. (I had read about it in my research that day. Cachupa is the national dish of the Cape Verde Islands, a shipwreck island in my book.) The corn and beans simmered and the sausages sizzled and filled the house with a spicy aroma. […]

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