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See the World

I will be in Pickle Lake, Ontario, for the next 10 days or so, participating in the Vacation Bible School Marnell directs.  I’m looking forward to stepping out of the country for a few days and observing what has become a yearly tradition of his. He packs the van with young volunteers and drives with […]

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Still There

I was just ready to bite into my freshly toasted English muffin with peanut butter dripping off its warm edges, when I noticed the blue picnic table. I was sitting at the introvert table in the cafeteria, the one way back in the corner behind the dividing wall, with a view of the hospital lawn. […]

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Staying Alive

It was just a training session, and we were completely safe. Still, we crouched, terrified, behind an empty patient bed listening to the “active shooter” pound on the door of the room, and then the pop pop pop of air soft “bullets” ricocheting off the walls as he entered, hunting us, firing. “It would only take being […]

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Things That Have Not Happened

I was standing on the threshold of my house ready to step onto the sun-bathed floor boards of my front porch when I heard the yelling. I was in celebration mode because I had just received an email stating that the final paper for my final class for my bachelors degree had passed, and I was completely […]

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Emergency Training

“I’m sorry to interrupt,” the McDonald’s employee said politely approaching our table, “but is there anyone here that knows first aid?  There’s a child choking outside.” I had just finished a 16 hour day, and I’m sorry to confess, by the 11th or 12th hour my patience had worn thin. Every time my pager vibrated, or […]

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