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No Burdens

It’s strange, how happiness awakens grief, as if the heart contains muscle memory of the ways it has been stretched. I called Barb, my friend from church, a few weeks ago to tell her about Marnell, who, as you know, was still mostly a stranger to me.  She thought he was a great idea, and said she […]

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The Lost Document

Did I ever tell you how my things disappeared in 2011 and 2012? That era, when I was seeking God but more than a little confused, I began to lose things. My favorite trusty computer and computer bag that had walked with me all over tornado country on my writing trips: Gone. My sentimental coffee pot that […]

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Blood Needed

Some time ago there was a patient who was a few days past his heart surgery. He had been doing fine but his nurse called me and said he was dizzy and didn’t feel like walking. I went up to his room and chatted with the nurse. His blood pressure was fine and he felt […]

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Only Plans! 

Hmmm. Isn’t it uncanny how God knows us? For instance, who knew that I needed a very clear reminder of God’s presence last Thursday? Who knew that I was exhausted from work and slightly anxious?  Who would think of using a beggar with a self-proclaimed bed bug infestation, to remind someone of God’s love? Certainly not Jen.  […]

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Brady Street

I used to work with a nurse who had once been an Elkhart police officer. I can’t remember all the details of our conversation, but I walk to work sometimes, and I suppose he was asking me about that.  I told him I live on Brady Street. “You live in the hole?” he asked in […]

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