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REACH Ministry Survey & My Career As An Impostor

March 30, 2019 When I arrived at REACH last week, I explained to the ladies at registration that my husband had registered me because he is helping with sound and I’m just kind of “along”. They smiled graciously, gave me a packet of information, and waved me through. When I went to visit the sound […]

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Lancaster County Adventures

Some weeks I can’t think of what to write about because my life is exquisitely boring. Other times, like this week, I can’t think of what to write about because SO much has happened I can’t choose. My brain is still groping for quietness after a round of social overstimulation. My stomach is still finding […]

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George and Steve

March 16, 2019 I never know what to expect when the door bell rings.  Today, it is a young man I’ll call George. I’m guessing he is 12 or 13. We see him more in the summer when he comes around, often with a lawn mower, looking for work to make a few dollars.  I […]

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The High Tech Airport: Wait… A Dog?

For someone who gets sick on flights, it is VERY HARD to feel inspired in an airport before getting on a plane. It is especially hard while standing line. It is even harder when you are not about to go somewhere fun, but about to return home to real life. So there I was, feeling […]

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