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What-Not-To-Do-Wednesday: Homemade Greek Yogurt

“Well, it’s like this,” she shouted: “MY YOUNGER SISTERS MAKE YOGURT.” My sisters show up at family gatherings with homemade yogurt, sometimes in artistic glass jars, and say things like, “Oh it’s easy, you should try it.” I know that peer pressure is not a good incentive to do things. But, I do eat copious […]

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Monday Merchants: Instacart

January 21, 2019 Okay, I promise I will keep this short, but I truly love having my groceries delivered to my door every week. Especially in January.¬†Especially when it’s -6 degrees outside and dropping. I like how I can order from Aldi from my phone or my computer. I can leave notes to the shopper/driver […]

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Recalled by Cotton

“Only God knows my story,” Mary has told me often. “No one knows your story but God.”  She calls me the other afternoon.  “Katrina, are you home?”  “Yes….” “Okay!”  Click.  I furrow my brow and pick up a few pieces of clutter around the house, then sit back down at my computer, close to the […]

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What I Have

Saturday, January 12, 2019 Funny, isn’t it, how certain pieces of Scripture jump off the page and smack you full in the face. I am doing a study¬†of the book of Luke and there are extra passages for each day. One of these extra passages was Psalm 23. In the version I was reading, the […]

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What-Not-to-Do Wednesday

Saturday night, we posted the turkey plates for sale on eBay. I dreamed of making some money for our trouble. I imagined taking Marnell’s parents out for supper. I envisioned buying gifts for the sisters-in-law. The turkey plates had belonged to Marnell’s mom and she sent them along with us when Marnell moved his stuff. […]

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