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Research Day Two: A Little Book

Can there be anything left on Staten Island to prove that Captain Garrison and his family lived here? After 300 years? When I rang the rusty door bell high in the brick wall at the historical society, Carlotta (what a great name for a historian!) let us in. She took us back to her room, […]

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Research Day One: Nisky Hill

“Where would he have come?” I wondered as I splashed through the orange leaves on the cemetery lane.  Marnell was “at work”, at a Bethlehem, PA, cafe remoting in to his computer back in Middlebury. Captain Garrison was born in 1701 on Staten Island, New York, before the United States existed. He went to sea at […]

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Give and Take

Recently, a suspicious wind blew in and knocked flat most of our sunflower wall which separated the community garden from the alley. Without the protective wall, it feels like the smashed butternut squash and the disappearing watermelons (three now) could become commonplace. But just as we gave the garden to God, so does He give […]

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Into the Wind

“I’ll get it,” Marnell said when the doorbell rang.  He had just arrived home from work. I had the kitchen in an uproar. I couldn’t hear Jen’s entire dialogue, but she sounded shaky and was asking to borrow a phone. Something about Harvey and the hospital. I walked into the front room, where Marnell was […]

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