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What I Have

Saturday, January 12, 2019 Funny, isn’t it, how certain pieces of Scripture jump off the page and smack you full in the face. I am doing a study of the book of Luke and there are extra passages for each day. One of these extra passages was Psalm 23. In the version I was reading, the […]

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What-Not-to-Do Wednesday

Saturday night, we posted the turkey plates for sale on eBay. I dreamed of making some money for our trouble. I imagined taking Marnell’s parents out for supper. I envisioned buying gifts for the sisters-in-law. The turkey plates had belonged to Marnell’s mom and she sent them along with us when Marnell moved his stuff. […]

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Tuesday Tips: One More Thing

Tuesday, 1-8-19 I promise I will stop beating this dead horse, but let me tell you one more thing that I put on my list of 100 Dreams that I am glad I did in 2018. Learned to wash dishes more.  Ahem.  It went like this. We were listening to a book about minimalism by […]

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The Gate of the Year

January 5, 2019 “It’s a good thing you worried about it,” Marnell said to me the other day. This gentle sarcasm is one of his favorite lines, I think, although I suppose he could make the case that he only uses it so much because he married me.   At the gate of the new year, […]

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WW—The Post You May Not Be Allowed to Read

WW—The Post You May Not Be Allowed to Read

1-1-19 I would have posted this yesterday as a Monday Merchants post except it was New Year’s Eve.  And technically, this is not a sponsored post. WW is not paying me to write this, even though they really should because I feel quite passionate about this! They do have a nice referral program (for anyone, […]

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