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Playing Othello

“It’s April 19. It’s been over a month since we had a natural disaster,” I said to Marnell Thursday night. “Or a garage sale.” By natural disaster, I was including not only the flood, but our recent insect infestation and the moving process. A few days before that, I was sitting on my chair–the comfy rocker […]

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Driving Fast

“Can you come here and hold something for me?” I asked Marnell the other evening during an intense organization of the house. I was trying to visualize what the wall would look like with a piece of art hanging above the roll-top desk. “As long as it’s not a conversation,” he replied cheerfully and then […]

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The People Edition

If you were at our wedding, I apologize that I didn’t ask you for permission to post some candid shots. But don’t panic: MG3 Photography, Mel and Katlyn, both did a great job.  (See her Facebook page here.) And of course, they weren’t able to get everyone. First, I forgot to post these ladies last time! […]

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Good night!

I mentioned I might not post due to a family reunion. We enjoyed spending time with my Grandpa and Grandma Hoover, their eleven children, all but four of their grandchildren, and many great grandchildren for about 250 people total. But I can’t resist sharing two unique photos that might not be common at every family […]

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