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The Inventor of the Inventors

Saturday, 3-2-19 I have a new phone finally, and you know what my favorite feature is? It doesn’t embed shards of glass in my skin. Also, it’s coral, which is fun. I was going to get yellow because they were out of coral, but it took us so long to untangle the issues that I […]

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Where No One Waits in Line

Quite by accident, we picked a three day weekend to be in San Francisco. I mean, I can appreciate having a day to honor presidents. How dreadful would it be to wake up and find you are the President of the United States? But, there were a lot of tourists in the city. We waited […]

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The Turbo Pop

We stumbled, as I said, out of the Las Vegas airport at 2 am. We climbed the steps of a shuttle which took us to the rental car center. At the Enterprise garage, the night shift agent sat on customer chairs, reading Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson.  “That’s a great book,” I said.  I think […]

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California, to me, has always been a tall, crooked shape on the map with two states balanced on its head, several more states poking into its ribs, and the Pacific Ocean on its back. THEN we drove through it. We stumbled off the plane in Las Vegas at 2am, a bit bleary, got our car […]

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