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George and Steve

March 16, 2019 I never know what to expect when the door bell rings.  Today, it is a young man I’ll call George. I’m guessing he is 12 or 13. We see him more in the summer when he comes around, often with a lawn mower, looking for work to make a few dollars.  I […]

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Valentine’s Victories and Vagaries

Marnell had just gotten home and I had just popped two individual heart-shaped cauliflower pizza crusts into the oven. Since we are going to be gone over Valentine’s Day, I thought a little Valentine’s themed cooking might be nice this week. The doorbell rings. Of course. It’s Jen. Of course. “I have a Valentine for […]

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Playing Othello

“It’s April 19. It’s been over a month since we had a natural disaster,” I said to Marnell Thursday night. “Or a garage sale.” By natural disaster, I was including not only the flood, but our recent insect infestation and the moving process. A few days before that, I was sitting on my chair–the comfy rocker […]

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Only Plans! 

Hmmm. Isn’t it uncanny how God knows us? For instance, who knew that I needed a very clear reminder of God’s presence last Thursday? Who knew that I was exhausted from work and slightly anxious?  Who would think of using a beggar with a self-proclaimed bed bug infestation, to remind someone of God’s love? Certainly not Jen.  […]

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Ms. Scrooge

The other day–I think during a discussion of Christmas cut-out cookies–I began to wonder if a person with no children, like myself, has fewer opportunities to experience Christmas.  Children are usually the motivation for most holiday traditions…cookies and snow angels and pretty little clothes.  Even the Christmas story is geared toward children, with Jesus as a baby and […]

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