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7 Road Trip Highlights and 1 Cliche

I had an unusual week and didn’t get my blog written. However, here’s a little account of my quiet adventures if you like. I’ve listed 7 highlights, with a few photos following for those who enjoy photos. Pinning a nurse pin on a graduating nurse. Graduating nurses can select any RN to put their pin […]

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The Ice Cream Boy

Remember George and Steve? Well. George. I’m just mystified by him. Isn’t it fascinating how there can be people in the world who don’t really fit into ANY preconceived categories? I mean, he’s nice and polite, and talks Christian lingo when convenient. He’s always hungry, requesting ice cream and chips and Gatorade on a regular […]

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The Wet Walk

We are doing a book study as a group at church, and it reminded me that I need to carve out more chunks of time to spend with God. So last week one day I spent some time in prayer on the front porch. It was very refreshing, and as I saw people out and […]

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Tuesday Tips: Tornado Safety Plus Contest Winner

Five Tips for Tornado Safety: If you are in a house without a basement: Go to the center of the house to a small room or space. Closets. Stairwells. Bathtubs. These are the places you should go if you need to take shelter. After a tornado, you will see slabs of cement nearly wiped clean, […]

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Monday Merchants: Tornado Books and Giveaway

I’ll never forget the story from Joplin, MO, of the husband and wife who lived in an upstairs apartment. When the tornado sirens went off, the husband suggested they go downstairs to a safe place. The wife was napping and didn’t want to be bothered, so she refused to go. The husband went downstairs and […]

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