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Stand and Shine

I was driving in the milky underworld of fog this week when I noticed the lights: globe lights, and head lights, lights atop lampposts behind panes of glass. They must have been there every other day that I drove that road, but I had never noticed them. They were suddenly essential, the only things that […]

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The Sack

Every February when the grocery stores market wings and buffalo sauce, I sense the Super Bowl approaching. Unless the Green Bay Packers are in it, I often have no idea who is. This year, someone explained to me, it would be the Patriots and the Eagles. The Patriots apparently go to the Super Bowl all […]

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“Why can’t they listen to me?!” I’m sure I often asked back when I was a teacher. (Parents, managers, and bosses likely all ask this question from time to time.) I was a teacher once and I remember this depressing statistic: students only retain about 10% of the things they learn. It’s a bit gloomy […]

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Cascade of Courage

“I wonder if anyone actually reads all their wedding cards?” I said to Marnell on December 11. There was wrapping paper everywhere and clutter and schedules we didn’t yet know what to do with and we just couldn’t absorb all the beautiful words. It did seem a shame though, that so many people had picked […]

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Seed, Space, Sky!

I stood by my kitchen window, watching the giant steel mouth bite through the roof of the house next door, a tape measure still clasped in my hand from my last activity.  I realized I may never again watch a house outside my kitchen window being eaten like a lunch of roadkill, so I stopped […]

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