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Give and Take

Recently, a suspicious wind blew in and knocked flat most of our sunflower wall which separated the community garden from the alley. Without the protective wall, it feels like the smashed butternut squash and the disappearing watermelons (three now) could become commonplace. But just as we gave the garden to God, so does He give […]

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Into the Wind

“I’ll get it,” Marnell said when the doorbell rang.  He had just arrived home from work. I had the kitchen in an uproar. I couldn’t hear Jen’s entire dialogue, but she sounded shaky and was asking to borrow a phone. Something about Harvey and the hospital. I walked into the front room, where Marnell was […]

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Brady Street Hotel, Part 2

Brady Street Hotel, Part 2

Last Saturday evening, Marnell was driving home from Illinois and planning to stop in Chicago to pick up Mat.  I was engrossed in my writing project, fanning through conflicting genealogy and studying old maps of Staten Island.  It seemed I had been only working for minutes when I realized several hours had passed since Marnell […]

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Brady Street Hotel

Brady Street Hotel

It was a week full of such delightful encounters that I almost want to become an extrovert.  First, a too rare gathering of my entire family for a weekend in Wisconsin, where we reminisced about the exhaustion of raising produce, ate delicious food, and spent time singing together. My brother William and my husband talked […]

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Marnell and Katrina-Marnell and Katrina-0001

Anniversary of the Perfect Night

We are spending a lovely weekend with my family in Wisconsin.  Here is my post from last year this time, probably the most fun piece I ever wrote.  After our family “Christmas” is over, we plan to re-visit Promontory Point on our way home in memory of that night. And now, “The Perfect Night”:   […]

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