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The Inventor of the Inventors

Saturday, 3-2-19 I have a new phone finally, and you know what my favorite feature is? It doesn’t embed shards of glass in my skin. Also, it’s coral, which is fun. I was going to get yellow because they were out of coral, but it took us so long to untangle the issues that I […]

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Where No One Waits in Line

Quite by accident, we picked a three day weekend to be in San Francisco. I mean, I can appreciate having a day to honor presidents. How dreadful would it be to wake up and find you are the President of the United States? But, there were a lot of tourists in the city. We waited […]

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The Turbo Pop

We stumbled, as I said, out of the Las Vegas airport at 2 am. We climbed the steps of a shuttle which took us to the rental car center. At the Enterprise garage, the night shift agent sat on customer chairs, reading Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson.  “That’s a great book,” I said.  I think […]

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