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Trading Places 

Pickle Lake is full of relaxing and peaceful places that are beautiful at twilight, that favorite time of day when the darkness and the light trade places.  On our long way home… 

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Moose Stew and other Successes

Digging into moose stew and bannock…  Close up view! Really tasty.  Below, the bannock, an Indian bread a little like biscuits. Below, the rest of the moose. On the left below in teal, the one who bagged the moose– also my Bible story partner. Her name is Crystal and she her brother got the moose […]

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Float Plane

Celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday today after Vacation Bible School! And thanking God for Dramamine and this man who took me with him. 🙂 

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See the World

I will be in Pickle Lake, Ontario, for the next 10 days or so, participating in the Vacation Bible School Marnell directs.  I’m looking forward to stepping out of the country for a few days and observing what has become a yearly tradition of his. He packs the van with young volunteers and drives with […]

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Still There

I was just ready to bite into my freshly toasted English muffin with peanut butter dripping off its warm edges, when I noticed the blue picnic table. I was sitting at the introvert table in the cafeteria, the one way back in the corner behind the dividing wall, with a view of the hospital lawn. […]

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