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Fabric and Funerals, Flowers and Family, Finality and Photo Shoots, Finishes and Fresh Starts… Some weeks are packed with extremes. Good friends called to the ministry… good friends called to heaven.   Funeral plans in the middle of wedding plans… Marnell’s company picnic was today, perhaps the most beautiful day of the fall, with warm […]

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Beyond Gravity

This Labor Day weekend is not one soon to be forgotten by our church, and hopefully never to be repeated.  A week ago, we received word that a boy who went to our kids club for many years was tragically killed. He and his family were particularly close to one of my three friends on […]

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The Wrong Day

I am prone to worry. Two times recently I have been reminded of this.  First, we flew to Kentucky in a little plane to take in the total solar eclipse.  We met my brother and his wife and sons. My brother has been planning for the eclipse for the last six months. There were a […]

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Roses Forever

My bouquet of roses from Marnell was so stunning, that it was a very great thorn in my flesh to have to go to work the next morning and leave the bouquet at home.   The first day, I worked 13.25 hours, catching only a brief glimpse of the roses at night. The next day, […]

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The Perfect Night

On August 13th, 2012, I went shopping with money from my 30th birthday. I bought a five-year journal called “The Happiness Project.”  There was a page for each date in the year, and five places to write on each page, one each for five years. I began writing one sentence each day.  By the time […]

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