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Hmmm… how to feed lots of people? Always start by feeding yourself caffeine while thinking about it! That’s the rule we decided to go with! 2. Ask for help! Ta-da! My caramel making friends didn’t send me a picture with them on it, but here’s their handiwork! And there are countless people I don’t have […]

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Yesterday morning, I stepped out on my porch at 4:50, like I’ve done so many times in the last four years. Only this time, I was going to work for the last time. In 2013, the day after Thanksgiving, I was getting off work for the last time on PCU. I was excited about my […]

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You know what I should’ve done? I should’ve promised that I would post the number of calories I ate today as the title of my blog instead of the countdown number. That would’ve been a useful number that might have kept me out of the sweet potato casserole dish and away from sister-in-law-to-be Jen’s fantastic […]

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Bridal shower/farewell at Elkhart General Heart Center put on by Sue, my mentor and partner the last 4 years, and an expert at throwing parties. Isn’t this some of the cutest food art you’ve ever seen? Leave it to Susan. Yes, handmade. By our receptionist Jackie… in the picture below in brown on the left. […]

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I was standing this afternoon looking down at a print-out of our marriage license application on the wood-grain counter of the Elkhart County clerk’s office. After verifying that neither of us were mentally ill, the clerk asked us a number of questions, starting with Marnell. “What is your gender?” “Where were you born?” “Where does […]

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