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Are weekends chaotic at your house?

This Saturday evening blog post drops into your electronic device around 5 pm eastern time. It’s a commitment I have kept for four years with few exceptions. One of those exceptions was December 2, 2017, our wedding day.

Sit down. Prop your feet on a foot stool. Read and rest.

Marnell and I, Christmas 2018. Photo credits to my sister Kerra, who has a sweet Etsy shop.

Ten fast facts about me:

  1. As a teenager, I crocheted lace doilies to sell at the Wausau Farmer’s Market.
  2. When I was born in Goshen, Indiana, Dr. Abel wrote 5-23-1982 on my birth certificate. The date was June 23, but no one noticed his mistake until we went to get my driver’s permit.
  3. One of my weaknesses is turning to peanut butter to reduce stress.
  4. I have touched a living, beating human heart.
  5. Some day I want to have a green hill with several small black Angus calves.
  6. I’m a bit of an introvert but I love, love, love to take surveys and interview people. Strangers, no problem.
  7. My husband Marnell and I met January 23, 2016 at a women’s conference! (He was doing sound and I was speaking in one of the workshops.)
  8. I dream of returning someday to the hills of Amman, Jordan, where I went to interview Syrian refugees.
  9. Going on a cruise is NOT on my bucket list. I get seasick at the slightest provocation, like driving up Mt. Diablo in California.
  10. I wrote my first memoir, Blue Christmas, in roughly one month while in nursing school.