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Off Support 

I was thinking of the danger of being born even before I got the message from my sister last night. Last Sunday morning, I received messages that both of my sisters had babies overnight and were next door to each other at the hospital! I sympathized with the nurses, since my sisters married brothers who […]

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Version 40.0

“But why would you give me clues if you don’t want me to know?” Marnell asked me this morning at Granma’s House of Pancakes. “Well, I want it to be…suspicious,” I said. “No, not suspicious… I mean…” “It’s certainly suspicious,” he said. I was, laughing and trying to think of a better word, when the […]

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When There Are No Words

“This is the life,” says a page of my photo album, surrounded by photos of grassy sand, a cute lighthouse, the white capped waves on Lake Michigan and my cousin and I. “When Anita was still teaching in Oklahoma,” I wrote, “she called me and we agreed to spend a day after we were both […]

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Complex Beauty

In the middle of all the craziness of our Labor Day weekend, we slipped away to Promontory Point. Here, at this south Chicago outcropping into Lake Michigan, we got engaged on August 6. This time, Melanie Gingerich, also know as MG3 Photography came with us, along with our dear friend Kendra, her sister.  What a […]

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The Author of Direction

I was out pacing the hospital because it was a quiet day, and I needed to get my steps in to neutralize the effect of eating 1/2 of a caramel fudge brownie instead of 1/4 at the cancer conference lunch. My mind was churning as I crossed the second floor walk way and took the […]

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