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The last straw

It was 4:05 am on a Monday morning and although I had gotten out of bed and showered I was barely awake. I had just wrapped myself in my white terry bath robe when the door bell rang. I shook my head in disbelief but hadn’t even made it to the hall when it rang […]

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Wiggle Your Toes!

“Waking up,” Randy Newman says in his book Questioning Evangelism, “whether physically or intellectually, is seldom pleasant.” When people say things that, given some thought, would prove to be nonsense, we must help them see the fallacy of their statements.  “I think all religions are the same.” “I think all people are basically good.” “I would […]

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Proof Through the Night

I don’t have a TV subscription or I would probably be entirely useless during the Olympic games.  I find stories of excellence, artistry, and triumph spell-binding.  In fact, I waste enough time as it is, watching the free videos of medal ceremonies or winning routines that can be found on-line. As the national anthem is played–and […]

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Turtles and Lungs and God’s Presence

A few months ago, I was walking home from work when I saw a turtle in the river, moored on a rock in the afternoon sun. It was such an oddity, I took a picture of it. It was a very specific rock, as you can see, visible off-shore between the leaves. I didn’t think, […]

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Shoe Prints

I remember a long, hard day at work, longer than summer sunlight.  In the course of about 17 hours, I had laughed and cried, snapped at people and extended empathy. It was now late, mere hours before I should be getting out of bed again.   Besides a patient bleeding, there was a patient with a […]

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