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Confessions of a Bad Samaritan

Well, it happened again this morning, starting with my waking up at 5:37. One day this week as I was charging down a hallway in the hospital, the story of the Good Samaritan landed on my mental shoulder like a songbird.  In that story, Jesus tells a man that loving God and loving our neighbor are […]

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A Jar of Peanut Butter

“We’re closing soon,” the man at the soup kitchen said, looking me up and down.  I had been tugging on the locked glass doors when he saw me.  “Can I help you with something?” I’ve come to understand that Can I help you? is what people say when they’re irritated.  It was Friday, and almost noon, and […]

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Flaws and Beauty

Last week in Wisconsin, Marnell and I went to the farmhouse where I grew up, the school where I used to teach, the church where I was baptized, the town where I played tennis, the coffee shop where Rosie and I met at 6am before going to our work places.  Of course we visited my […]

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After we finished the geranium project last Saturday, we ate chili soup with Michael, my neighbor who helped us with the project.  It had begun to rain as we planted the last plants, and the forecast showed storms for the evening.  Marnell and I went to church in the evening for a special series of […]

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The night before Easter, I was walking through my neighborhood wishing people a happy Easter and checking to see if they had a place to go to church the next morning.  I walked most of Brady Street and turned up onto Jackson Place as the Saturday evening darkness began to trade places with the Saturday […]

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