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The Consent 

The other day at 7am I was leafing through the chart of a patient who was about to go for heart surgery, when I saw an unrecognizable scrawl on the consent form on the line where the surgeon was supposed to sign. Now let me make something clear:  the surgeon’s signature is also a scrawl […]

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A New Year, An Old Message

I was driving in heavy traffic in the middle of Chicago on January 1, 2017, when I saw the red.     I had been flying along on the way home from Christmas vacation and the traffic stopped, a sudden flash of red in the sea of traffic swirling below the steel towers. Why are there red lights […]

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Ending Well…

When I heard -second hand- that my brother had helped embassy staff in Washington D.C. search through the outgoing mail in order to get his visa to West Africa, I knew we needed to have story time when I saw him next.  I had been a little astonished to begin with to hear -again second […]

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Be a Mary!

“Let me be a Mary!” I wrote this as a prayer in my devotional book one day this week.  I was seated in the closet-sized room Sue and I call our office, taking a moment to catch my breath as the currents of a busy day swirled around me. It’s easy to feel strong when […]

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Ms. Scrooge

The other day–I think during a discussion of Christmas cut-out cookies–I began to wonder if a person with no children, like myself, has fewer opportunities to experience Christmas.  Children are usually the motivation for most holiday traditions…cookies and snow angels and pretty little clothes.  Even the Christmas story is geared toward children, with Jesus as a baby and […]

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