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Embedded in Rock

I was in the locker room at work late the other day when I heard someone at the scrub machine. I was concluding an exhausted cry so I took a quick peek out the door to see who was there before stepping out to return my scrubs.  (I promise I’m going to write a blog […]

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I’m big on lights. Four lights in my house are almost always on, electric bill or no. One is the lamp on my fireplace in the window above my air conditioner, one is the recessed light above my heart statue, one is a light right inside my back door, and the fourth is my porch […]

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When it rains

A few hours after I posted my blog about vandalism last Saturday night, a rock crashed through the glass of my mini barn window. The rock bounced to rest close to the south wall of the barn, glass flying. I was blissfully unaware and the new camera my friend had given me after my package […]

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On the Edge

“On the bright side,” I said to Sarah as we sat on my porch from which a $30 package had just been stolen, “we live an interesting life. I think this is what it means to live on the edge, to be continually running into situations where you have no idea what to do.” “Hmmm. […]

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… The stories of the Syrian refugees.  No, it is not printed yet, although it went to the printer last week. But my co-conspirator Rosetta created such a heart-warming cover I can’t help but share a glimpse with you.   (Expected in October. I will give you an opportunity to win a copy in the […]

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