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The Silent One

I’ve heard of headaches and stomachaches and chest pain and lungs hurting and kidney stones and intestinal pain and muscle aches and back pain and joint pain and gallbladder pain and neck pain and sunburn.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone complain about their liver.  But I’m getting ahead of myself. I would like […]

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Giveaway Winners

It was a complete privilege and blessing to read all of your stories! I felt like I should be compiling them into a book!  I used a random number generator to choose two winners.  My dear neighbor Mya (not the winner, but doesn’t she have winning expressions?) Congrats to….. On the blog post ( chosen […]

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Good Timing

I was at work the other day and things were quiet (DON’T SAY THAT WORD!!!! I can hear my co-workers say in my head, followed by NOW YOU DID IT!!), so I took the elevator down to the radiology office to pay my bill. Now, I am all of 34 years old which is younger […]

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Giveaway- New Release

Leave a comment about someone who did something nice for you! You will be entered into the drawing for a free copy of Voices of Syria. Comments may be posted on the blog or under the Facebook feed.  Just to get you started…. Have I mentioned the people who came and helped me landscape and […]

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The Umbrella People

The other day, I was collapsed on my couch after work when my doorbell rang followed by a thundering knock.  I went to the door and opened it. On my porch stood about five people with umbrellas. It was raining. They were from a church group, and they began by asking if I spoke English. […]

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