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The Christmas Wreath

I was lying in bed one morning at 5 being thankful that I did not have to go to work, when I heard music playing. I was awake enough to know that I had not died and gone to heaven, and I didn’t think the symphony-style notes were likely to be playing from any of my neighbor’s […]

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Summer of 2016, Part Two

Continued from last week, my brother Scott’s guest post about raising six children with two year old twins and a baby. Summer of 2016 by Scott Hoover Part Two   …Another contribution to the slow shipwreck was our dog, Oreo.  We got her so the children wouldn’t be afraid of dogs.  Unfortunately, she was half […]

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Seven Blessings

(I know it’s not Saturday night but I decided an event that one does every seven years warrants its own private post.) I was standing in the La Quinta lobby this morning in Chicago. The hotel’s glass windows face Lake Michigan, although it is separated by Lake Shore Drive. I decided to confide my mission of […]

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Summer of 2016, Part One

Think you’re busy?  Read this. This week and next week enjoy this guest post from my brother Scott.  He and his wife Priscilla have six children, with the oldest now 7 years old.  Scott is an accountant who works as a business consultant for various central Wisconsin companies.  I believe I got permission to share this. […]

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