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If Someone Brings Water

“Couldn’t we plant some things there?” She points to a dusty corner between the brick of the decades-old apartment house and the brick on the edge of the front steps.  Not even weeds grow there. I start to say no, that’s a terrible idea. If weeds won’t grow, plants won’t grow. But I stop. “Okay…” […]

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When President Trump Came to Town

Last week I wrote about the stress of going shopping in Elkhart County and being recognized.  Can you imagine being President of the United States? I am filled with gratitude when I remember my childhood training on the topic of presidents. Wednesday night prayer meetings and even many meal prayers were incomplete without praying for […]

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The Dishwasher

Recently, I was planning a shopping run to several country stores. I’m always worried that people will… well, talk to me.  When I go shopping in Elkhart County with a list of things to buy, what I really want is to get my items post-haste, and get back home.  I don’t really enjoy having 25 […]

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“I don’t have any friends. I don’t need friends,” our neighbor Harvey told me the other day. “You don’t?” “No, I don’t need all that backstabbing,” he said. What had happened, I wondered, to so thoroughly break his trust in humanity?  And yet, he’s right in a way, in that people can be dangerous.  It’s […]

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Mondays with Mary

A new Monday column?  Maybe, because I have so many great lines from Mary.  Here are a few on this wonderful summer Monday, in case you’re tempted to clean house a little too thoroughly. Memories is good. You know my Grandma George, she used to tell us, “Baby, don’t throw away that picture!” They say, […]

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